Koombiyo - Teledrama

In October, 2017 Koombiyo became the highest rated crime television drama on IMDb database receiving a score of 9.9/10 in which resulted by majority voting 10/10. This Sri Lankan series has ranked first by placing the internationally acclaimed crime TV series Breaking Bad and The Wire in the fourth and sixth places, respectively, on the IMDb platform.

 Koombiyo won the most popular teledrama of the year award and Thumindu Dodantenna won the most popular actor of the year award in Raigam Tele'es 2018.

The initial production started in 2012 and the shooting completed in 2015. However, the drama was rejected by many local television networks because the protagonist of the drama is a con-man. Ultimately after requesting for the second time, ITN agreed to telecast the drama in 2017.

Director - Lakmal Dharmarathna

Stars (Actors) - Thumindu Dodantenne , Kalana Gunasekara , Yureni Noshika , Senaka Titus , Jagath Manuwarna Kodithuwakku , Andrew Pulle , Dharmapriya Dias , Parakrama Jayasingha , W. Jayasiri , Lakshman Mendis , Maureen Charuni , Ramani Siriwardena , Ramya Wanigasekara

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